UX Designer


b. 1986, HK.

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User Experience Designer

Research + Visual + Interaction + Technologist

When designing applications, it’s our ethical obligation to create designs that help the user, not hinder them. As the world moves to digitizing previously analog processes, it is important to prioritize accessibility so that we are inclusive and not creating barriers between our users and the data they need to perform their job function.
— https://medium.com/ge-design/how-to-use-color-to-manage-big-data-793b575377e


Elise's interest in web design began in the early 2000s when she made her first website. She has been professionally designing and developing websites and web applications since 2010.

Elise specializes in designing and developing custom web sites and applications. She uses her passion for design and creative problem solving to create custom interfaces focusing on user experience and functionality. She is driven, self-motivated, and takes pride in learning new techniques to improve web performance and development workflow.

Current Employment:

User Experience Designer, Interaction
GE Aviation
October 2016 – Present


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